Little K’s First Turns at the Resort

Today was a busy day, we had a photo shoot at the resort that ran from 9 until 4, but most importantly I got to make some turns with my 25 month old daughter! I’ve been waiting all winter to ski with Little K, but we wanted to wait until she turned two before putting her on skis. We’ve had her around the back yard on her skis several times now, but finally had nice enough weather to take her to the resort today.

My wife called when she and Little K got to the mountain, and I zipped down to meet them and experience the first runs and lift ride. It’s almost an indescribably cool feeling to see your child smiling and enjoying their first time on a mountain, but it’s certainly a feeling that I’m looking forward to more in the years to come!

I’m hoping that we can get Little K skiing without using a harness and or edgie wedgie as I’ve heard that they can be a bit of a crutch for kids once they get used to them. Any personal opinions on these tools, positive or negative are apprecited!


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