The neverending season?!

Spring PowderJust a week or two ago, I was wondering how brown some of the ski runs might be on April 12, the resort’s scheduled closing day. Temperatures were reaching summertime levels and I thought that my mountain bike would be moved forward in our garage sooner, rather than later. Well, my bike is still in the back of the garage and the snow is once again piling up. I’m actually happy about the change in the winds as I had my best powder day of the season last Thursday, my second best today (see photo) and I’m hoping that tomorrow might top them both (I’m heading up early to catch a ride-along with our snow safety team)!

However wintry it seems now, the seasons will be changing and I’m starting to feel a bit like I’m a high school teacher getting ready for summer break. Because I keep plugging away all through the summer while the majority of my coworkers are getting ready to switch to their off-season jobs. But, in seven short months many of those same people will once again start descending on the resort and we’ll go back to doing it all again. It’s just the neverending season of working at a ski resort!

Photo credit: me, this is one of our IT guys riping down The Shaft this morning.

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