Shaun’s Private Half-Pipe

silvertonpipeJust saw a tweet about this pop up in my Twitter stream and had to put up a quick post about it.

According to a blog entry in the Denver Post and Shaun White’s Wikipedia entry, Red Bull has built a private training pipe in the Silverton Ski Resort backcountry area. Check it out in this photo, follow the red arrow – not a bad view from this pipe, eh?!

Sounds like Red Bull must be doing ok during the current economic slump, since they just supposedly plopped down a cool half million dollars to build the pipe. Anyone else think that this could be one of Red Bull’s odder expenditures?!

Photo Credit: mattlanning

Edit: 2/23/09
Weird timing, but just got an email from a buddy who took this photo at Silverton this past weekend – thanks Ted! Also, click the image to see it full size, you can pick out a snowcat and the helicopter in flight.



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