Super Weekend

It was a busy Saturday at the office this past weekend, actually I wasn’t really in the office, but I was busy helping out with the Visa Freestyle International World Cup freestyle competition the Eagle Superpipe. It was a skier event with both ladies and men and it went great (even with having to be at work by 7:00am), the crowds were awesome and best of all, I got to watch a good chunk of the competition. This was great because typically, when we have a big event, it seems like I¬† spend most of my time running around. Although, I did have to sneak away from the men’s final early in order to shoot over to our accounting office and pick up the prize checks. Which is not as simple as it sounds because, with an international competition, there are all sorts of different withholding requirements. And once I got the checks we needed to make sure that we got a filled out W-9 form for each and every check – definitely an interesting process! In any case the winners were all very gracious and we got filled out W-9s from everyone.

Then, to end the weekend, I got to spend all day Sunday with my daughter and watch an entertaining Super Bowl – the only thing that would have made it better would have been winning one of my office pools!

Photo credit: me!

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