To Tune or not to Tune?

I enjoy listening to music while I’m skiing on my own. I make sure my Ipod is tuned to a level where I can still take part in a conversation on a chairlift, select a play list that fits my mood, and off I go. I don’t always plug in when I’m riding alone, but I do find that myself skiing with tunes more often than not as I find it can help pass the time on the lift and also add some much needed rhythm to my skiing.

Because I do like to ride with my music, I do often think about the potential downside: is it going to distract someone from hearing another person overtaking them or is it going to make so someone doesn’t hear a snowmobile coming along a trail? I imagine it probably will someday (if it hasn’t already) and that makes me wonder if having music on while skiing and riding is something that resorts will try to limit or is this just something that we all need to be aware of and ski and ride appropriately? Anyone have any positive or negative personal experiences to add to this?

Photo Credit: maxf
(I love this photo because the gondola icons look like little Ipods to me!)

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