The Best Job in the World?

While I might think that I have the best job in the world, the marketing people at Tourism Queensland have come up with what a very unique and timely campaign promoting what they say is “The Best Job in the World.” What they’re offering is actually a six month position that requires regular photo and video updates to a blog and pays a nifty AUD$150,000 (just over $100k US) it even includes a lovely sounding 3 bedroom home with private pool and airfare. Here’s their video promoting the job:

It’s a great concept and well executed, but what I really like is how they have such great timing what with the global economy stagnating and people flocking to job and other employment sites both online and offline where Tourism Queensland has posted ads promoting this ‘job’. Check out these samples I found online:

This brings up an idea, why don’t other businesses look to employment ads as a way to target business in unorthodox places – perhaps as a ski resort we could advertise openings for skiers and snowboarders in help wanted placements? Whether or not something like that could work, this approach by Tourism Queensland has certainly created a huge word of mouth campaign – over a thousand news articles within a week – and even crashed the web server that they were using to host the application site. I look forward to seeing how this campaign evolves over the coming months and I think that I’ll have to subscribe to the blogs’ RSS feed to see what the winner really thinks of their job come December!


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