The Vail Ski Lift Guy

danglingIt took me a day but I’m ready to chime in on the…uhhh,… precarious position that an unfortunate skier wound up in, dangling while showing a full moon, the day after New Years at Vail. If you haven’t seen the photos they’re all over the web, with probably the best selection to be found at The Smoking Gun, although I’m impressed to say that the maggots over at Teton Gravity Research were on this back on the day it happened.

It’s almost mind-blowing to contemplate the unlikely sequence of events that occurred for this to happen, but it did and I only hope that the fellow to whom this happened has as good a sense a humor as did his photographer – did you know the he’s been suspended from his job and may be fired?!

Here are a couple of quick takeaways:

  1. ALWAYS look before you sit, this applies in general and not just with chairlifts!
  2. No matter where you go someone will have a way to document what’s going on because everyone has one or more of: a cell phone, a camera or a video camera.
  3. The web is as viral as ever, once the photos started to spread across the internet, they were everywhere in a matter of hours. I just did a Google search for “vail naked lift” and turned up over 90,000 search results of which 432 were news articles!
  4. Some bartender in Vail is going to be coming up with a cocktail named the “Hanging Moon,” I could write about a coffee drink here in Park City called the McMonkey’s Latte, but I digress. 😉

After working in the ski industry for many years, I can honestly say that this is probably oddest thing that I’ve  seen and I’m awfully glad that it didn’t happen anywhere around here – sorry Vail!


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