Ski Resorts on Twitter

UPDATE: I’ve moved my blog and am no longer updating the list on this page. The current Ski Resorts on Twitter List can now be found on I hope to see you there!

Here it is, a list of ski resorts that are ‘hanging out’ on Twitter! I’ll try to update it as more resorts create accounts and, if I’m missing any, please leave me a comment and I’ll add them. I also have a few destination marketing organizations included here, but I’m primarily interested in ski resorts for this list.


Ski Resorts on Twitter

Updated: 6/23/09

@AZSnowbowl Arizona Snowbowl

@skialpine Alpine Meadows
@skiheavenly Heavenly
@skihomewood Homewood Mountain Resort
@MammothMountain Mammoth Mountain
@skisugarbowl Sugar Bowl
@Sierra_at_Tahoe Sierra at Tahoe
@skilaketahoe Lake Tahoe Ski Resort CMO (Thanks @Jenn)
@tskifeed Lake Tahoe Ski Feed (thanks @Smash)
Bear Mountain

@arapahoe_basin Arapahoe Basin (updated 6/23/09, thanks @martin001)
@WinterPark Winter Park
@steamboatinfo Steamboat (snow report feed)
@aspensnowmass Aspen Snowmass (thanks @martin001)
@SilvertonMtn Silverton Mountain (1 update)
@ColoradoSkiUSA Colorado Ski Country
@vailmtn Vail
@keystonemtn Keystone
Beaver Creek
@breckenridgemtn Breckenridge
@monarchmountain Monarch Mountain
@visitsunvalley Sun Valley CVB
@SkiIdaho Ski Idaho
@jhupdates Jackson Hole
@SilverMtnResort Silver Mountain Resort (thanks @martin001)
@SchweitzerID Schweitzer (thanks @martin001)
@skilookout Lookout Pass (thanks @mrtin001)

@sundayriver Sunday River
@sugarloafmaine Sugarloaf Mountain (thanks @Matt G)

@crystalmountain Crystal Mountain

@Welch_Village Welch Village

@bridgerbowl Bridger Bowl
@moonlightbasin Moonlight Basin (thanks @KcMX)

@loonmtn Loon Mountain
@skiwildcat Wildcat Mountain
@crotched Crotched Mountain
@bretton_woods Mount Washington Resort
@waterville Waterville Valley

@renotahoe Reno CVB (thanks Mike)
@diamondpeak Diamond Peak

@windhammountain (thanks @Kirt)

Mt Bachelor
Timberline (thanks @chaserules)
Ski Oregon

@pcski Park City Mountain Resort
@thecanyons The Canyons
@skisolitude Solitude
@brightonresort @brightonparks Brighton (thanks @grant for @brightonparks)
@skiutahyeti SkiUtah

@okemomountain Okemo
@KillingtonMtn Killington Resort

@mtspokane Mt Spokane

@grousemountain Grouse Mountain
@redresort Red Mountain (thanks @martin001)
@WhistlerBlckcmb Whistler Blackcomb
@skifernie Fernie Alpine Resort

@Reality_in_Banf Banff/Lake Louise Tourism (thanks @Jenn)

Photo Credit: Leo-setä

36 responses to “Ski Resorts on Twitter

  1. Awesome list Eric! Thanks so much for compiling it 🙂 And thanks for including Canada haha… guess I’m a little lonely. I’ll get the search going for up here – gotta be more of us.

    • @Michelle Evans – Thank you for being involved!
      I’m fairly sure that there are many other non-North American resorts on Twitter, so I wanted to be able to keep the list scalable, but your mountain was the only one I could readily find. Please let me know of other Canadian resorts you discover so we can get you some company on here!

  2. Hi Eric! Thanks for the list, one thing that I do see is that very few resorts are actively engaged, they all have internet marketing managers, what are they doing? My hats off to @skiapline for their work. You will also find many resorts and lodges in Europe, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Australia are engaged as well. It is shocking that more ski industry companies are not engaging people here in the US. I am helping to change that.

    • @skippyski – As an interactive marketing manager for a ‘larger’ US resort, I can tell you that many resorts don’t have a position dedicated to just interactive and many times it’s the marketing manager or pr manager that fills the void. Because of this, many resorts don’t truly understand the engagement aspect of social media and are hesitant to enter the space. I’m glad to see you are working to change this, but I have a feeling that it will take awhile for the majority of resorts to truly engage in social media – I do think we’ll see a ton of attempts, I just don’t know how many will do it well – like @skialpine does.
      Thanks for your enthusiasm, good luck with your endeavors and please let me know of ski resorts on Twitter that you have found outside the US and Canada as I’d love to add them to my list as well.

  3. Thanks for the list! I’ve been meaning to do that. I added them all to Diigo and made a group if anyone wants to share more ski resort marketing links:

    If you’re counting CVBs I’d add as well. It’s the Reno Tahoe Convention and Visitor Authority. The guy who maintains the account retweets resort messages, blog posts and he goes up and reports back on twitter and their blog too.


    • @Mike – Yeah, this was something I kept putting off too, I think a more global ski resort marketing link wiki is a great idea too.
      I’m adding the renotahoe account because it is engaged in the ski resort market – thanks!

  4. This is a great list Eric! Thanks for putting it together. It’s interesting to see how other resorts are using twitter to communicate. Keep up the great work!

  5. Hi Eric, thanks for the reply. I will get a list of resorts etc, in South America to you in the next couple of days. If the resorts would take the time and look at how engaged for instance on Facebook even small ski related businesses are from around the world, they would realize that they might actually be able to attain new business and expand the revenues that they are receiving from existing clients. As you know this is very time intensive but it does work. My team members and I are starting with small lodges, ski rental shops , restaurants at resorts and work our way up the food chain. We come from a sales background so we know engagement in our industry works. I will look forward to working with you and Krista in bringing these networks into the industry as a valuable resource and tool.

  6. I wanted to address skippyski’s comment above.

    As the Marketing Services Manager for Grouse Mountain and the person behind @grousemountain I’ll explain why I use it the way I do – as a messaging platform. It’s just one other way to send out messages to people who want to receive them this way. The messages don’t warrant an email blast and aren’t relevant to our mobile marketing subscriptions either. But the information is relevant to our regular customers. I’ve even suggested on our blog that people subscribe to our tweet stream via RSS just as a way to find out about the smaller operational goings-on. We actually have arguably the largest passholder database in North America and therefore have a lot of people interested in what’s happening on a daily basis.

    I don’t think many people want to have conversations with companies; they want to have conversations with people. If you want to talk to people from Grouse Mountain on twitter, you can talk to me – @seeking_balance, a snowboard instructor – @snowboardexpert, a ski instructor – @tachiskier, our PR Manager – @mbaho and a couple of others that I know of have ventured in to test the waters of twitter.

    It’s not that the people at Grouse Mountain don’t want to engage, it’s just that I don’t think people want to interact with a brand name. So if you want to talk to me, follow me. If you want to know what’s happening at Grouse Mountain or get local industry news, follow @grousemountain. That’s how I use twitter and why.

    • @Michelle Evans – Great comment and one that I’d like to add to from my Park City Mountain Resort perspective:
      We use our blog as a tool to communicate the bigger operational updates, along with ‘behind the scenes’ stories. These area all topics that don’t fit into a 140 character tweet and therefore wouldn’t make sense on our Twitter account.
      Like Grouse Mountain, our customer list has a large number of season pass holders, but we also have a much larger group of destination visitors and they are looking for recommendations via our blog and now via Twitter and therefore we are actively reaching out and engaging with them. We’ve had success reaching out to people on Twitter in conversations with our @pcski accunt and I think it’s because we’re following the lead of @jetblue, @southwest, @comcastcares and others in searching for people tweeting about our resort and following up with them.
      There are also several employees from Park City Mountain Resort tweeting including me @eric_hoffman our Director of Marketing/Communications @krista_parry, our Communications Manager @paula_parkcity and a few others who are using Twitter as a way to connect to people in our individual fields as well as engaging with people in Twitter conversations.
      So, in a nutshell, that’s how we’re (currently) using Twitter at Park City Mountain Resort.

  7. !!!!!!!!!! This list has made me sh*t bricks !!!!!!!!!

    My previous job consisted of 3 months of studying social media and how to use it but I was only so interested in our product… Snowboarding on the other hand is something I am obsessed about and this post of yours has led me to having 47 tabs open in FF. I am super excited to find resorts using social media. I am so excited I just want to use exclamation points and smiley faces.

    Basically I am going to stalk all of these mountains and all of the people mentioned in this post and figure out how everyone uses social media for their mountains, then combine that with my knowledge of social media and approach some local mountains and hopefully create myself a position. whew that was a big sentence.

    Anyone want to let me know how they use social media on their mountain please hit me up at or my website.

  8. Eric … thanks for including @renotahoe on there. Twitter has been awesome to help us connect to with skiers and boarders.

    • @Jim_S Glad to hear you’re enjoying positive results with your Twitter efforts. I really like how you’ve incorporated a lot of the area ski resort info and conditions into your Twitterstream.

  9. I didn’t read all the comments, so perhaps these have all been mentioned. In Utah you’re missing these two:


    • @grant Thanks so much for the suggestions, I just put in @brightonparks but I’m not going to post @skideervalley (at least for now) as that is Deer Valley Lodging’s ‘handle’ and while they do tweet some resort information they tweet more about lodging than anything else. Thanks again Grant!

  10. Hey Eric, a few that you might want to add include @skilaketahoe and @Reality_in_Banf (who twitters for Banff Lake Louise).

    Great post – I’m going to have to start following those listed to see how the various resorts use Twitter.

  11. New York has more ski areas than any other state in America. How come none of them are listed here? Windham Mountain twitters at

    • @Kirt Zimmer Thanks for the ‘heads up’, I’ve added you to the list.
      I try to post resorts as I find them, but I do tend to look more for western than eastern resorts. Please share any others that you are aware of!

  12. Also, @Sugarloafmaine

  13. Hey Guys … I’m the Social Media Manager at Sierra-at-Tahoe and have found this Twitter Feed supremely successful and highly informational regarding resorts around the Tahoe region. Just thought I’d add it up here for you to check out and follow!

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  15. Eric,

    Another option to keep track of these and also make them available to a larger audience is for ski resorts/areas to add themselves to with the hashtag #skiresort #skiing #skiarea, etc.

    • @mikeslone is a great option; however, I think it’s nice see which resorts are from what geographic area and I don’t see that currently offers that option. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  16. Hi Eric
    Great list. A quick note on Kirt Zimmer’s comment above. Their twitter account is actually @windhammountain. (without the com)
    Keep up the good work!

  17. A great list and an awesome resource for skiers and snowboarders.

    On another note, I like the conversation going on here. I work for an advertising agency immersed in the ski and snowboard industry and we are implementing tons of social media, not because it is the new “cool” thing as so many misguided marketing nerds are talking about but because, as Michelle said, it’s a way to promote conversation amongst customers. The whole point of social media is to get people talking and sharing. And Twitter is only one way to do this. Thanks again for the list. For more on this subject check out my blog post:

    Thanks again for the list, Mike

  18. Great list, another one in CA is @kirkwoodmtn


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  20. Hey! Thanks for the list. Checked it out. Comprehensive details like this helps us chose where to go this winter.

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