Time for fun!

Here we are, remembering what it’s all about:

Shot this morning, (you can catch a glimpse of me skiing in the red coat behind Nikki)…thanks to Erik for shooting and editing, Dogger for guiding, Matt and Nikki for modeling, JT, Allison and Steph for driving and Billy for letting us get up there!


4 responses to “Time for fun!

    • @David LaPlante
      Certainly is one of the ‘perks’ of the job 🙂 I’m hoping hard for just a bit more snow so we can all get out and enjoy this! How are conditions in Tahoe?

  1. Oh so fluffy and lovely… if I find myself in Utah, can you hook me up? 😉 Thanks for stopping by my blog; I’ve certainly enjoyed what you’re doing over here.

    • @ Michelle Evans – Light and fully is what Utah snow is all about 😀
      Please drop me a line if you’re in the neighborhood and I’d be happy to get you onto our mountain – even a quick tour if I have time – need to keep up with getting out of the office every once in awhile!

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