Game On!

It’s been snowing all day and we’re all hoping that this will wind up being a big Utah powder dump. That’s because it’s  time for us to dial in our game and get ready for what we’re hoping will be a Holiday crowd of happy skiers and riders. I’m feeling a bit pessimistic as I look at the current economic news of  doom and gloom that’s hanging over our country and know that it will impact business at the resort. A great summary of current trends in the mountain resort business can be found the Industy News article, “Down but not Out: That’s the Latest Snapshot of North American Bookings,” and as you can tell from the title, it’s not the brightest outlook.

This Fall, I’ve been pushing harder than ever at my job: deploying emails, kicking our blog into high gear, polishing the resort’s presence on a slew of social media sites, employing a variety of social media monitoring techniques, getting our video library up to par along with the usual chunk of tasks I have at the start of every ski season. In addition, it feels like I’m always thinking of something I should try, grabbing my laptop and plugging away at it until the wee hours…I know much of it won’t amount to anything in terms of business revenue, but I know it would gnaw at me if I didn’t.

The big picture tells me that without snow, there’s not all that much I can do to impact visits, because without snow our business doesn’t even open. So, now that snow has come, I’m going to get out, make some more turns, try to forget about the struggle at hand for awhile and hopefully “they will come.” And if it does turns out that not as people come this winter, then I guess it’s just more turns for me.

Photo credit: jaiel

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