Blogging and the long tail in search engine results

I haven’t promoted my blog as much as I should, but guess I wanted to first reassure myself that I actually could keep up a consistent stream of interesting posts so as to not have my thoughts wither away and have my blog turn into one of those dead, five or ten post blogs, that are all over the web like blog flotsam. This evening, I looked through this, still very young blog, and saw that I’ve surpassed the ten post road block and the blog is already nearing its one month anniversary.

Google search for resort marketing blogSo, after barely three weeks of being online, how will my blog do in some Google searches? I figured I’d start out with a  ‘long tail‘ search for ‘resort marketing blog,’ and wow – my blog was the fourth result..not bad. Next, I tried ‘ski resort marketing’ and to my surprise, my blog was on the first page, on the bottom at number ten, but page number one! This shows that search engines give serious weight in long tail searches to blogs, particularly ones that are updated regularly.

I’m now quite interested to track the search engine results of my blog over the coming months, and I’m stating to link to my blog via my LinkedIn profile, Twitter profile as well as via commenting on other blogs (just the link in the commenter name, not in the comment itself). I’m also curious as to why it seems that so many companies and individuals are still not blogging about their businesses or areas of interest? Perhaps this something that only certain segments (marketers in particular) are egaging in? Or, do many people still not recognize the value of keeping a blog?


2 responses to “Blogging and the long tail in search engine results

  1. Hi Eric,

    Congrats on a solid month of blogging and your first 10 posts. It only gets easier from here.

    There is a certain notion of success after seeing your personal blog rise through the Google results. And kudos on the results, you are ranking higher than some fairly established blogs.

    As far as why some companies and individuals continue to either ignore or refuse the idea / benefits of blogging, tough to say.

    In talking to my constituents and peers, many feel that they do not have the time, or think that the benefits will not outweigh the cost and commitment. Which is unfortunate. As you can see first-hand, the benefits of blogging are numerous.

    I have used the line in several presentations and speaking appearances, but I truly feel that blogging allows a person, organization or destination to go beyond the basic information on a standard website and begin to show consumers that they have a soul. That real people work here, that we are like you, we like to ski, to eat good food, to travel.

    All because of blogging. Who would have believed it.

    Again, congrats!

    – Troy

  2. @Troy

    Thanks so much for the kind words and encouragement. I really appreciate it and will definitely keep this in mind as I keep typing away.


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