Skiing as clarity

08111-skiingA few weeks ago, I read a blog post by Christopher S. Penn titled “Choking in Clarity”, that resonated with me. In his post, Chris describes being on the receiving end of a choke technique as a time for absolute clarity of focus. While I’ve never been one for martial arts (or choke techniques for that matter) his description of absolute clarity of focus led me to ponder if there were a time that I find myself entering into a similar plane of consciousness…

Well, a main reason that I work in the ski industry is that I love the experience of sliding down a mountain on two planks, to be precise, I telemark. And like many skiers or snowboarders, the best part of skiing for me, is riding down a mountain blanketed in large quantities of light, fluffy and untracked Utah powder (shameless plug inserted right there).  The thing about skiing in powder is that the feelings are so intense that you do literally lose track of everything but the pure and wonderful moment that you are in. I can’t come close to breaking out the sensations individually, but it’s simply something that I crave. And when I’m skiing in that perfect thigh deep powder with snow billowing up to my sh*t eating grin, all the while giggling like my little girl, all I can think about is the next perfect turn to the next perfect turn to the next…and I experience my absolute clarity of focus.

By the way, I’m more than happy to let you keep your choke techniques Christopher, but boy I do love your description and idea of a moment of absolute focus. 😉

Photo credit: Dan Campbell
Skier: me – savoring a moment of absolute clear focus (notice the smile and giggle)

One response to “Skiing as clarity

  1. financialaidpodcast

    I think that’s a different kind of clarity, similar in effect, and just as worthwhile pursuing. That sense of perfection as things are, just accepting, is one of the essential components of Zen-style enlightenment.

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