Two weeks until opening.

081108-openingOur scheduled opening day (always have to say scheduled, because you never really know for sure) is just two weeks from today – yikes! Even now, going into my sixth season working for a ski resort, I still feel the pressure of needing to have so many projects finished up and ready to roll by one hard deadline. However, it’s always great to catch up with all the returning seasonal staff who are starting to show up in the office and hallways again. In many respects, I have to think it’s like getting ready for the first day of school for a teacher – probably similar in pay scale too 😉 (I definitely wouldn’t do this job if I didn’t love it).

Here’s the kicker, a few months ago, I thought it would be neat to head back home to Minnesota to help our sales department out at the Minneapolis Ski & Snowboard Show this coming weekend, from November 14-16. Due to the show times, we actually leave on Thursday and come back on Monday, so my brilliant decision means that I have just seven more working days, instead of ten, until opening, guess I’ll be spending some time working remotely from the hotel. If you do come by the show, please stop by the Park City Mountain Resort booth and come say hello to Brooke or myself.

Photo credit: me!

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