Early voting is great?

The option to vote early, is a great thing about living in Utah (there may be a few other great things but I can’t think of them this late)! So last Thursday, after hearing rumors of long lines and an upcoming snow storm, I decided to take the short walk from my office over to the the early polling location at the Park City Library, and do the deed. When I walked in, I found perhaps 20 people sitting in the hallway outside the polling location and was briefly chargrined until I figured out that they were all waiting for an upcoming City Council meeing. Moving on, I quickly got properly signed in and voted in five minutes tops. That was it, it wasn’t even November and my civic duty was fulfilled – and now I’m waiting for closure. I’d almost rather stand in line for a few hours than submit myself to what I know is coming tomorrow – hours of talking heads on our TV and me sitting on the sofa with my laptop trying to figure out if the election is heading in the direction I hope it will.

Hmmm, maybe early voting isn’t such a great thing after all?! Bring on the snow, that’s definitely something great about living in Utah!

Photo credit: tifotter

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