A Tale of Two Lunches

Today I attended the Park City Chamber’s 2008 Tourism Industry Fall Forum and as I sat in the audience it struck me how markedly different the dynamic was in this group as opposed to the lunches I had during the Marketing Profs Digital Marketing Mixer last week in Scottsdale. Some of contrasts I noted:

  • I was the only person twittering during the talks today, a big difference from last week where it seemed like there were more people twittering than not.
  • Today it felt like the room was holding it’s collective breath in that a lot of people seemed very nervous about the coming months ahead; whereas, at MPDM, everyone was enthused about the opportunities that they saw coming, whether or not the economy took some lumps or not.
  • The best quote from today was that, “We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re still in that tunnel.” A good, hopefully true but kinda scary thing to hear. On the other had, I remember hearing “If content is King, marketing is Queen and she runs the house,” from Gary V last week, dunno how that compares but it was just one of many kick ass quotes to come out of that preso.

One last item from today was the fact that several (admittedly engaging and entertaining) TV ads were introduced as being something that had a great chance of “going viral.” Hmm, first off, at MPDM I heard many times that spending big money on traditional media was essentially throwing good money after bad as it just isn’t were the eyeballs are anymore. And secondly, guess it’s me, but I’ve come to hate the word “viral”, actually I’m not the only one, and I’d love to see an ambitious online effort made to try to connect with potential visitors to Park City and Utah. Something different for different times, would that make sense?!

Oh, and I’d have to give the best tasting lunch to MPDM, the taco shell salads just didn’t compare to the tortilla soup.

Photo credit: chadmill

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